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Youth passion drives theatre project

Artistic director David Beisel with members of the cast of Another Openin', the fourth production for the Owen Sound Youth Theatre Coaltion, with performances at the Roxy Theatre Jan. 5 to Jan. 8. JAMES MASTERS/The Sun Times.

Sun Times staff
The singers and dancers sweep across the floor.
Powerful young voices mix and swirl, filling a small church gymnasium with the sounds of Broadway.
At the piano, David Beisel keeps the music going with one hand and the action flowing with another. The artistic director for the newest Owen Sound Youth Theatre Coalition show is quick to congratulate singers during this day-long rehearsal for Another Openin’.
“Lovely. Thank you ladies. That’s perfect,” Beisel praised. He’s equally comfortable telling his peers what needs work.
Beisel is 17, soon 18.
Some in the surprisingly experienced cast of 22 teenagers building this music theatre production together for performances early next month at The Roxy are younger, and no one is older than 20.
Most have long years of vocal, instrumental or dance training behind them. The principal players have a resume of stage credits with local high school productions and Owen Sound Little Theatre, or with the three previous YTC productions since the group formed 18 months ago.
They all share an obvious passion, dedication and facility with their craft.
“The idea of the group is that everything is totally youth driven,” Beisel said. “It’s amazing because it gives you the chance to create you own opportunities and your own experiences.”
Beisel has behind him singing experience with the Georgian Bay Children’s Choir, and both vocal and instrumental training at West Hill and privately learning saxophone and piano. For Another Openin’ Beisel is artistic director, choosing the music and deciding which singer best suits each number.
“That’s also what this show is about. As much as it’s about entertaining the audience, it’s also about us being able to perform all of the big Broadway numbers that we don’t have the chance to do otherwise,” Beisel said.
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